Vitamin D supplementation –Is it the time to stop wasting money on vitamin D?

  • Shariq Rashid Masoodi Department of Endocrinology SKIMS
Keywords: Vitamin D


In recent years, vitamin D has received increased attention, as a number of studies have shown its link to the pathogenesis of various diseases. Apart from its benefits on bone health, vitamin D supplementation has been shown beneficial in reducing risk for many chronic diseases including autoimmune diseases, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, many cancers and infectious diseases. Vitamin deficiency has been associated with increased risk of elevated blood pressure, heart attack and stroke in studies. The relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the increased incidence of upper respiratory infections, asthma and eczema, among children, has been observed in several studies. Recent meta-analyzes showed a relationship between vitamin D administration during the early months of life and a lower incidence of type 1 diabetes later in life. Therefore, it is not surprising that Vitamin D supplementation is used to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases, and the use has increased considerably in the last decade.


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