Transformation of Relapsed Membranous Nephropathy to Proliferative Lupus Nephritis. A Case Report:

  • Fayaz Ahmad Sofi Department of Rheumatology SKIMS
  • Mushtaq Ahmad
  • Bilal Ahmad Rather Department of Medicine, SKIMS
Keywords: SLE, Lupus Nephritis


SSLE is a dynamic disease. Lupus nephritis occurs in 40%-70% of patients. Renal biopsy is performed to know various classes of lupus nephritis. In several studies of lupus nephritis, type IV nephritis is the most common [approximately 40%] whereas type III and type V follow with an approximate frequency of 25% and 15%. The transformation from one class to another can occur, spontaneously and as a result of treatment. Prognosis is worse when membranous and
proliferative changes coexist. In Pub Med search from 1999-2015, 9 patients of class V have changed to mixed ( IV+V) and none out of 6 patients in the study by Narveiz et al: to class ( IV + V), though in one case transformation to class ( 111/1V+V) was reported.Our case report transformed from relapsed class V to mixed class( IV+V)

Author Biography

Fayaz Ahmad Sofi, Department of Rheumatology SKIMS

M.D., Professor


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